DO PM is a meet-up for people involved in delivering digital projects. It was co-founded by Stephen Thomas and I just over 2 years ago.

Taken at our ‘Dealing with Stress’ meet up in June 2016

Stephen and I are committed to providing a safe and inclusive platform for both attendees and speakers.

Back in May, we signed the Diversity Charter, a great initiative led by Emily Webber to make public that commitment.

Last week, Emily published gender diversity stats for Agile on the Bench. She then made a call on Twitter for other meet ups to do the same with the intention to learn from each other.

So, we did some analysis and have published our findings below.

Please note, these stats come with some caveats

  • They start from January 2015 rather than when we started the meet up in August 2014, as we only started gathering data when we launched our website In retrospect, I would have collected these manually in a spreadsheet from day dot.
  • These stats are based on sign ups via the website and therefore don’t reflect the actual attendees but they hopefully give a good indication.
  • We regularly run events without a speaker i.e. group exercises facilitated by a mixed team or organisers — we haven’t included these in the speaker stats.
Attendees per event
  • On average we have 37% female attendees
  • During this period 35% of our speakers were female

As you can see there is still a long way to go, especially in terms of increasing the amount of female speakers at our events. As a co-founder, I’m embarrassed we haven’t done better at this in the past however I’m pleased to say that in 2016 we have have achieved 50/50 split in terms of male to female speakers.

In terms of female attendees, I think we’re actually doing ok. According to the association of project management, 28% of project professionals are women which if you use as a benchmark suggests we’re not doing too badly, although admittedly there’s still room for improvement.

Like Emily, we’d love to hear about other people’s experience and learning in this space and any suggestions or ideas to help re-address the balance.


Thanks to Stephen Thomas for helping with stats and graphs.

Delivery Director at @DeesonAgency

Delivery Director at @DeesonAgency