After 3.5 years working at White October, I’ve decided to move on.

Many of you know my partner Rachel lives in London and she’s recently been promoted. I’ve therefore decided to join her in London for the next couple of years. It’s daunting but for a variety of reasons the timing feels right.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at White October. Here are just some of the reasons why

  • They are genuinely committed to agile

Because I love the team at White October, I wanted to be open with them about my move, give them plenty of notice and to help find my replacement.

Do get in touch if you think that might be you! Full job description

I’m also in the unique position where I can write about the type of role I want to move to, so if you’re reading this and a role springs to mind which you think I might be a good fit for, then equally, get in touch.

I’m looking to move to a company or agency which

  • values cross-functional teams

In return, if you’re looking for someone to join your team who

  • has 5 years+ agency experience

Then get in touch…

Delivery Director at @DeesonAgency

Delivery Director at @DeesonAgency