After 3.5 years working at White October, I’ve decided to move on.

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Many of you know my partner Rachel lives in London and she’s recently been promoted. I’ve therefore decided to join her in London for the next couple of years. It’s daunting but for a variety of reasons the timing feels right.

I’ve really enjoyed my time at White October. Here are just some of the reasons why

  • They are genuinely committed to agile
  • The projects are challenging, varied and exciting
  • I’ve felt empowered to make changes broader than my job role
  • I’ve worked with some of the most talented designers and developers of my career so far
  • I have always strongly believed in the founder, Dave Fletcher and his ability to lead the company
  • I have made true friends
  • I have been supported in so many ways, White October has encouraged and championed my writing, has sponsored me two years in a row to attend The Digital PM Summit in the US and has always given me opportunity to grow personally and professionally
  • Having a manager who supported, encouraged and instilled confidence in me at every step
  • Out of the PM team DO PM & The Big DO were birthed (special shout out to Stephen Thomas for believing in the meet up idea from day dot)
  • They are flexible, fair and trust you to do your job. This takes the pressure off when you have a doctor’s appointment, need to run an errand, want to meet your Mum for lunch or grab a sneaky coffee with a work bestie

Because I love the team at White October, I wanted to be open with them about my move, give them plenty of notice and to help find my replacement.

Do get in touch if you think that might be you! Full job description

I’m also in the unique position where I can write about the type of role I want to move to, so if you’re reading this and a role springs to mind which you think I might be a good fit for, then equally, get in touch.

I’m looking to move to a company or agency which

  • values cross-functional teams
  • works collaboratively
  • is committed to the principles of agile
  • has a variety of work
  • has high profile clients
  • has flexible working hours, not just says’ they’re flexible
  • supports and encourages a work / life balance i.e. overtime is the exception rather than the norm
  • is happy for employees to occasionally work remotely
  • has a decent conference budget so I can continue to learn
  • supports and continues to encourage my blogging
  • can support my ambition and give me the opportunity to grow
  • has a supportive, kind, ego-free team

In return, if you’re looking for someone to join your team who

  • has 5 years+ agency experience
  • is a certified scrum master
  • has experience of delivering a variety of web applications using agile / lean / kanban methodologies
  • has a passion for the dpm community
  • is a champion of culture
  • is a diversity advocate
  • is calm, cool and collected under pressure
  • is a supportive emphatic colleague and all round team player

Then get in touch…

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