My leadership philosophy

Holly Davis
3 min readJul 1, 2023

I’m a self-aware, empathetic leader who values transparency, trust, autonomy, accountability, and continuous learning. I strive to be authentic, intentional, purposeful, and reflective. I place a strong emphasis on having personal integrity in my work and relationships.

I support my team through a combination of coaching, mentoring, and working collaboratively to create a psychologically safe environment to give direct feedback and advice because I genuinely want you to succeed.

I stay aligned with company values by role modeling, challenging when I see people at any level not embodying those values. I use active listening, to help tune into what people say and more importantly what they’re not, and then try and dig into why through self-reflection to help encourage greater self-awareness.

I thrive in an environment that is progressive, champions self-organizing teams, has clear expectations and accountabilities, and is comfortable with giving direct timely feedback.

I commit to being a leader who is approachable, relatable, grounded, calm trustworthy, firm, fair, and supportive.

My leadership philosophy:

I believe my team knows what’s best. I intend to trust them to make excellent decisions and meet their own needs. I will give guidance if it’s asked for. I will behave with honesty and trust.

My leadership rainbow (courtesy of

Leadership colours / styles
  • What’s your default leadership style? (What color would you call it?)

A mixture of blue and green

  • What other leadership styles are you comfortable leaning on?

Orange, brown, black, and purple

  • What leadership style is the hardest for you to embody or project?

Red and yellow and the darker shades of black

  • Which of these drain you?

Red — I don’t believe we can find the best solutions when we’re not calm and orange — I lose patience quickly if I don’t see people taking action or follow through on commitments

  • Which reenergizes you?

Blue and purple

  • Which do you know you should use more of, but rarely do?

Purple — I’d love to get better at storytelling. I’m creative in some aspects of my role e.g. problem-solving but would like to push this further in other areas of my role. I could definitely do better from at times leaning into being more direct/logical/rational rather than being too consultative which I’m aware can sometimes slow down decision-making.

I’m most at home as a servant leader, coach, pace-setter, democratic (supportive but could definitely work on being more innovative)

I also recognise at times I need to work harder at delegation (5), challenging (8), being more performance-focused and setting meaningful goals for my team (9)