We’re stepping back from DO PM— can you step up?

Holly Davis
2 min readJul 28, 2023
At one of my favourite DOxPM meetups with

DOxPM was co-founded by Stephen Thomas, Mel Joy and myself circa 2016.

We were later joined by Chris Sinclair who has been a loyal organiser and supporter.

Our vision was to build a community for people who were involved in delivery, be that delivery managers, scrum masters, coaches — anyone involved in enabling change.

The “DO” was intentional as we wanted this to be a meetup that focused as much on applying what you’ve learned or at least getting the opportunity to try things out in a safe space. It wasn’t unusual for us to have workshops, break out sessions, and discussion-based more lean coffee-type formats.

We were proud to have many amazing speakers though and were brilliantly supported by Resource Guru, Gather Content (what was) as well as company sponsors such as Global Initiative.

We’ve currently got a meetup group, Twitter “x” profile, mailchimp email list and a popular Slack channel “Digital Delivery” with over 500+ delivery managers.

Torchbox is kindly paying the meetup fee for a period of time until we either find someone new who wants to take this on or decide to close it altogether.

Whatever the outcome it’s been a real ride, we’ve formed some great friendships, and connections, learned a ton, and even put on a sell-out conference in a church on the Cowley Road which will go down as a real DO PM highlight.

If you’re interested in taking it over, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn for an informal chat about what that might look like.

We’re not going to be at all precious about what you do with it e.g. you may decide to only do remote events or it might not work out for you too and that’s okay but we want to at least give it a chance of having a new home.

I’ll keep you posted on any next steps!