8.41am — #wohack becomes our official hashtag for the day

9.22am — company briefing from Chris Thorpe on what tech is available to use today

9.40am — Sam and I brainstorm some ideas in the meeting room, we decide we want to do something on story creation using the instagram api

9.45am — Sam takes a call from his daughter aged 2 and a half (too cute)

9.50am — wrote a draft story

9.58am — Sam sets up google app engine

10.00am- we have a project on google app engine! http://september-hackday.appspot.com/

10.06am — we’ve successfully registered a new client on instagram

10:10 — we try and add a login to instagram link onto our website but for some reason it isn’t displaying…

10.17am — Sam accidentally overwrites prototype starter kit with our hack day code

10.21 — All sorted, we now have a log in link on the website!

10.25 — Holly is trying to work out how to accept a sandbox invite. Reads http://stackoverflow.com/questions/36076698/instagram-sandbox-user-invite-sent-but-where-does-the-user-accept-it

10.30 — Invite accepted!

10.34 — we both wonder if to make Snoop Dogg an authorised user for our app (instagram uses Snoop Dogg as their example user in their api docs)

10.35- Sam gets on writing some code whilst I think about names for the app that don’t include insta or gram….

10.45 — We’re in and we’ve got my details on the website!

10.46 — Sam explains to me that we’re using Jinja templates to write our first content page which will say “Hello {{ name }}, start your adventure!”

10.48 — Sam pasted some code into json formatter to read it more clearly

10.51 — Sam talks me through multi-dimensional array’s

10.52 — Success!

10.53 — Sam talks me through git

10.55 — First deploy of the day!

11.20 — Sam writes a get request to pull the media data from instagram

11.21 — We’re now trying to add the time with the image of the picture to the website. The time is in unix time stamp format so we’re going to use a date formatting string to convert it

11.27 — We have an image with a time stamp and location!

Adventure page phase 1

11.33 — Next step is to allow the user to move forward and back 1 day

11.43 — Holly looks for an error page image

11.57 — You can now use ‘f’ or ‘r’ to move forward or rewind to the last picture a user has taken

11.59 — Holly tests it and gets an error

12.00 — Sam fixes some things

12.03 — It works! I login as White October and can click ‘R’ to see earlier pictures

Oh hey Rich!

12.04 — Sam looks at how he can pull in the insta comment if one exists when someone types ‘Look’

12.14 — Sam is tidying up how the media queries work

12.24 — Holly books a flight to Glasgow (not for today)

12.33 — Whilst Sam does a new deploy. You can now type‘Look’ to see the comment associated with the image if there is one

It works!

12.41 — WO spotify hack day playlist goes on

12.42 — Now you can see who is in the image

12.43 — We’ve basically built as far as we discussed this morning so we’re going to go back into the meeting room for another brainstorming session before pizza arrives at 1.15pm

13.00pm — We had a meeting, we brainstormed some different ideas and we decided it would be cool to use natural language processing to identify objects in the images that users can then add to their inventory. So you can go on an adventure and collect things as you travel

13.10pm — We decide to call our website ‘iJourney*’

  • subject to change

13.21pm — Sam starts writing code, no errors yet…

13.57 — Pizza consumed, now back to it

14.12 — Holly messaged Stephen to see if he fancies a posh coffee at Bear & The Bean

14.13 — Sam does lots of clicking around in the google console to get it configured correctly

14.14 — Holly still awaiting Stephen’s reply (he’s obviously too busy in sketch)

14:35 — Sam has successfully connected to the Google Natural Language api!

14.37 — I read about speech tags

14:57 — Sam is now rendering nouns below the image

We have some nouns!

14:59 pm— Sam is now trying to work out how to persist the list of nouns to avoid too many calls to google’s api

15:00pm — Holly enjoys a coffee (alone 😢)

15:19 pm— Sam is teaching me what “iterable” means

15:23pm — Stephen disturbs the peace

15:24pm —We can now pick up items from the noun list! Soon they’ll appear in our inventory

15:40pm — Voila

I now own a ‘hack’

15:45pm Sam tells Stephen to go away as he needs his team mate! I feel wanted

Sam’s commits

15:50pm We start writing our demo script and find some more bugs

16:20pm We finish writing our demo script and take a well deserved break before demo’s at 5pm

5.10pm We demo iJourney to the rest of the company

Demo time! Apologies for the bad lighting…

6.30pm — We go to the pub for celebratory #wohack day after party drinks

Thanks Chris Thorpe for organising another brilliant hack day!

Delivery Director at @DeesonAgency

Delivery Director at @DeesonAgency